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Selling to Real Money Metals

We would love to offer you a quote today! Buyback for some products are available on the individual product pages. For all other items, just give us a call at (541)-955-2985 or use our contact form to request a quote!

Call us at (541)-955-2985. We do our best to make our buy back price as easy for you as possible and we will walk you through every step. We are committed to providing you with the most competitive prices available and many of our products have our Buy Back Price on the product page. Once you give us a call and lock in your price, we will send an email confirmation with your pricing details, a packing slip, and straightforward instructions for shipping your items to us.

After you’ve received the email confirmation with your sale details, you can choose to either pack up your items and ship them to us or you also have the option to drop them off in person. The sooner we receive the items, the sooner you will get paid! For details about dropping your items off, please give us a call at (541)-955-2985.

Upon the arrival of your items, our experts will perform thorough checks to ensure the accuracy of the products and quantities. We employ our state-of-the-art propriety procedures to authenticate each item.

Once Fortune Reserve receives and authenticates your items, your payment will be processed and issued within three business days. We can either mail a paper check or wire the money directly to you.